My first year at Great Bardfield Primary School

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Mrs Kerrell reviews the school year:

So there I stood nervously on the playground waiting as the clock slowly dragged to 8.30am. Then it happened-smiling faces and excited voices. Friendly faces and curious glances-I saw you! Yes I really saw you and you me for the first time all the way back in September last year.

Look at us now – here we are! A thriving, bustling and happy school community. We have been through a lot together this year. Fun trips, new ways of working, higher expectations, tucking in our shirts. We’ve created a brand new library and even had a horse and chickens in the hall on bring your pet to school day!

Staff have had to get used to a different driver in the front seat-someone who invites everyone into the back of the car and then accelerates at 100 miles per hour and if we’re honest our new cruising speed isn’t much slower than that. The result our journey together has passed by very quickly and we have had many pleasant stops along the way where we have welcomed everyone into our school because we are proud-so incredibly proud of our school. There have been a few bumps but we’ve got over these together. We have welcomed some unexpected visitors too and ensured that they saw us at our best.

I would liketo thank you all most sincerely for welcoming me and for your support this year. I feel that we have come a very long way this year. We think about things differently now and some of the children have developed a new regional accent. We still have so much that we want to work towards and accomplish next year. We already have many exciting plans for our learning next year. So as we reach the last few days of the school year I would like to wish you all a very restful and relaxing summer.