Curriculum Information



At Great Bardfield Primary School we follow the new Primary National Curriculum. A link to this is given below:

At Great Bardfield Primary School each class from Year 1 to 6 has outlined a programme of study for the Autumn Term 2016-2017. Additionally for your information we have attached Additional Calculation Guidanceto this page.

Our new Foundation Children are following a child initiated curriculum linked to Development Matters (please follow the link below) which allows us to help the children settle in and get to know each other this half term. We will publish their curriculum for the remainder of the Autumn Term when we come back after the Half Term break.

Additional Calculation Guidance

Unicorn Class (EYFS and Year 1)

EYFS Curriculum Leaflet Spring 2016-17

Pixie Class (Year 1-mornings only)

Pixies Spring Side 1 2016 -17

Pixies Spring Side 2 2016 -17

Dragon Class (Year 1 and 2)

Dragons Spring Side 1 2016-17

Dragons Spring Side 2 2016-17

Pegasus Class (Year 3 and 4)

Pegasus Spring Curriculum leaflet 2016-17 Side 1 and 2

Phoenix Class (Year 5 and 6)

Phoenix Curriculum letter Spring 2017 Side 1

Phoenix Y5 Reverse of Curriculum Letter Spring 2017

Phoenix Y6 Reverse of Curriculum Letter Spring 2017