Aldridge Class Year 3/4

Welcome to Aldridge Class Page Year 3/4              

Our Class teacher is Mrs Dodkins.

All About Aldridge Class

Welcome to Aldridge Class.  Our class is named after John Aldridge who was one of the Great Bardfield Artists.  He lived in Place House in Great Bardfield and spent a lot of his time painting landscapes around the village.  He liked to use oil paints and we have created our own landscape paintings using oil pastels.

We have an amazing classroom with a cosy reading area where we sit among the plants and work really hard to improve our reading, although it is so nice here that it doesn’t really feel that we are working hard at all.  We know that the more we read the better we get and then there are some really amazing and cool books to learn from.  One of these is on the skeleton, and as we really like science (and would like to make explosions) this is helping us to investigate the human skeleton and muscles.  After all, if we didn’t have muscles and a skeleton we would be like a lump of jelly and wouldn’t have been able to paint our pictures!

Please have a look at what we will be learning this term:

Aldridge Class Curriculum Leaflet Side 1 Autumn Term 2023-4

Aldridge Class Curriculum Leaflet Side 2 Autumn Term 2023-4

Aldridge Class Spring Term Curriculum Leaflet 2023-24




Little Readers-Reception

Our Reception Unicorns, absolutely relished the opportunity to read with our very patient and kind Phoenix class friends. The children gain so much from reading to each other.

Little Readers-Year One

At Great Bardfield Primary School we know how important Reading is to developing little minds and to building skills and knowledge for our older children. Our Year 5 and 6 children loved reading with our Year 1 Pixies this week.


Our children love to be outside in the beautiful environment at Great Bardfield Primary School. We offer Bikebility to our Year 6 pupils in the autumn term and to encourage our younger children to scoot to school, we offered Scootability so that they could learn to ride their scooters safely.

Christmas 2022

It has been such a difficult year with the effects of Covid on everyone. This Christmas, more than ever, it felt very important to get back to our traditions. We were delighted to offer and enjoy all of the important events that make our school so special including: going to the pantomime, our Christmas Fair,…