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We are delighted to share the news that Great Bardfield Primary school continues to be rated GOOD by Ofsted. In the report it says,

‘At Great Bardfield Primary School, pupils are proud of their school and live up to the well established school values. Pupils appreciate the school’s positive ethos. They feel both safe and happy.’

‘Pupils care for each other remarkably well during lessons and playtimes. From an early
age, they learn how to listen to and respect what others say. During wider discussions,
such as whole-school assembly, pupils contribute their views articulately and sensitively.
Bullying is very rare. When pupils are worried about relationships, or feel bullied, they and
their parents are confident that staff help and make things better. One pupil told us that
the school is like a ‘caring family’.’

Please follow the link here to the full report:

Great Bardfield Primary School Ofsted Report 23.02.2022