COVID 19 Parent Information

Great Bardfield Primary School-Current Position with the Pandemic-6th August 2020

In line with current Government guidance it is planned that Great Bardfield Primary School will fully re-open for all pupils on Thursday 3rd September. A detailed Risk Assessment will be carried out prior to re-opening and there will be measures in place to make the site as Covid-19 safe as possible. Preliminary plans have been shared with parents. Please see the letters below:

We will be sending parents a Covid Safe return to school guide the week before the children return. Key things that will be in place are: 

  • Attendance from the 3rd September is mandatory for all pupils.
  • Specific drop off and pick up points for different class bubbles.
  • Staggered drop off and pick up times for different class bubbles.
  • Parents will not be allowed onsite at any time without an appointment.
  • The children will be kept in their class bubbles at all times during the school day-they will not be allowed to mix for Break or Lunch time.
  • Teachers may move between the different class bubbles and between schools (in line with DFE guidance).
  • There will be no whole school assemblies but class assemblies will take place throughout the week.
  • Children may attend one designated extra curricular sports club per week. These will be free and the children will remain in their class bubble.
  • Children should return to school in school uniform in September.
  • A full lunch service will resume from September but Leprechaun and Phoenix Class will collect their lunch from the hall and eat in their classrooms. We will follow the summer menu.

Please read the policy below for further information on how we are responding to the pandemic:

All parents have been sent a Covid-19 specific Home School Agreement which they must read with their child.  A copy of this can be found here along with our amended Behaviour Policy: