School Uniform Information

School Uniform Information

Uniform consists of:

  • Navy Blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • White polo shirts with school logo or plain white polo shirts, white shirts or white blouses
  • Grey straight-legged trousers or grey tailored shorts*
  • Grey or Navy Blue skirt or pinafore
  • Black, sensible, low-heeled shoes. Boots should only be worn outdoors in inclement weather.
  • Plain grey, navy or white socks or black, grey or navy tights.

*In the Summer term, blue and white checked dresses or culotte-style dresses are optional. Some children choose to wear shorts or leggings under their skirt or dress for modesty. These should be plain navy or white, if worn under a summer dress.

PE Uniform

Children will also require a change of clothing for PE lessons.

  • Plain navy blue or black shorts
  • Navy blue school PE shirt with school logo
  • Plain Trainers
  • Plain sweatshirt/hoodie and long trousers/tracksuit bottoms for outdoor PE in winter.

Items marked with the school logo can be purchased through Brigade

Further Information

Headscarves worn for religious reasons should be plain and navy blue, white or black in colour.

Hair styles should be neat and tidy and promote our high standards of presentation. Long hair should be off the face in all lessons and fully tied back for PE. Parents may be asked to come to school to rectify unsuitable hair styles. There should be no extremes of style or colour and no shaved lines or patterns. Hair accessories should be discreet, plain and navy blue, white or black in colour.

Children may choose a book bag or rucksack with the school logo or they may choose a pattern of their choice. All basic equipment e.g. pencils, rulers, handwriting pens, colouring pencils are provided by school.

Lunchboxes should be named, stored on the year group lunchbox trolley and taken home every day.

Water bottles should be named and they will be kept in the classroom other than when taken outside/to the hall for sports activities. Children are encouraged to drink water and should not bring other drinks into school.

Nail varnish, make up and jewellery is not acceptable. Children may wear small, plain stud earrings which must be removed for PE and swimming. Children may wear small, discreet watches which must be removed for PE.

Children require an overall or old shirt to protect their uniform during art lessons.

Reception pupils will require an all in one waterproof and wellingtons.