Our Vision & Values

Great Bardfield Primary School Vision & Values

This page contains a note from the Headteacher about Values at Great Bardfield Primary school.
Our school vision is:
“We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do by creating an environment, which is dynamic, inclusive and collaborative, enabling our children to reach their full potential”.
Great Bardfield Primary School is a school committed to ensuring pupils receive a high quality education.
At the heart of our school are a set of core values. These underpin our whole curriculum and school life and aim to ensure our pupils leave Great Bardfield Primary School as happy, secure, caring and responsible citizens.
Our School Values are:
  • Respect everyone
  • Be kind and helpful
  • Always try your best
  • Never be afraid to make a mistake
  • Always tell the truth
  • Always be ready for learning
  • Look after each other.
Our Key Skills run through everything we do and help us understand our School Values. Certificates are presented each week in Celebration Assembly to children who have demonstrated these key skills.
These skills are:
  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Reflective
  • Responsibility
  • Resourceful
The values and skills promoted at Great Bardfield Primary School are important within the school community and ones which will be important throughout life. In all that we do we  share, encourage and demonstrate positive values with our children in order that they understand them and strive to live by them.
We have clear outcomes that we aim to achieve. These are:
  • Qualitative improvement in pupils behaviour and attitudes.
  • Quantitative improvement in standards and academic achievement.
  • Improved ethos, relationships and pupil behaviour.
  • A positive learning environment for children and staff.
  • A curriculum that develops spirituality and enables children to develop as reflective and responsible learners.
At Great Bardfield, we are committed to the development of community cohesion and the prevention of extremism and radicalisation both within our school’s physical boundaries and within our local, national and global environments. We are also committed to respond to community concerns or local disturbances in a positive way which supports British democratic society.
We believe that sharing our values with parents, carers and our community is essential in supporting the children through their journey in school and life. We acknowledge and understand the importance of the role that our community has to play and appreciate the need to inform them of the values work that we do. We do this through regular updates, newsletters, assemblies, displays, inviting parents to share in themed activities and through our website.
Liz Crow