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Students plant 60 native trees in church grounds

Great Bardfield Primary School students and teachers with the new trees at St Mary the Virgin Church

Great Bardfield Primary School students and teachers with the new trees at St Mary the Virgin Church – Credit: Great Bardfield Primary School

The Leprechaun and Phoenix classes of Great Bardfield Primary School have planted 60 native trees in the churchyard of St Mary the Virgin Church.  And because new tree guards are made of heavy duty cardboard, children wrote their names on so they could identify their work, and will watch the trees grow over the years to come. The selected trees are native trees – field maple, silver birch, hazel, hawthorn, spindle, holly, crab apple, wild cherry, bird cherry, and rowan mountain ash.

The trees, guards and stakes were provided by the Essex Forest Initiative who are aiming to plant 50,000 trees across the county this winter.  A school spokesperson said: “The children worked in pairs and the trees were planted very speedily and carefully, and then each one was watered and mulched after the guards were put on.  Everyone is looking forward to enjoying seeing the trees as they grow.”

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