Governing Body

The Role of School Governor

The role of School Governor is a challenging but rewarding one, striving to provide the best educational opportunities for all the children who attend our school, working in partnership with parents, teachers and governors.

The Governing Body is made up from a nominee of the Local Education Authority, elected representatives from the parents, elected representatives from the teaching staff and co-opted governors from the community, all working voluntarily for a four-year term; although many of our governors have served for several terms.

We have a statutory obligation to:
• hold the Headteacher and the school management team to account
• help evolve and agree the school’s Strategic Plan
• ensure that all relevant policies are up to date, fit for purpose and adhered to
• agree the annual budget and monitor income and expenditure throughout the year
• agree the School Improvement Plan (which details the school’s educational priorities for each academic year and how they will be achieved),
• agree the progress and attainment targets for our pupils
• monitor and review results regularly.

Everything we do must have one, primary consideration – How does this benefit the pupils and improve education at our school.

With an annually elected Chair and Vice-Chair, we operate under a committee structure, the main ones being the:
• Full Governing Board meets four times a year (occasionally five dependent upon the timing of the budget)
• Curriculum Committee covers all aspects around the delivery of the school curriculum and meets every   term.
• Resources Committee covers finance, premises and HR and also meets termly.

There are a number of other committees which meet to discuss areas of responsibility such as Data, Pay and Conditions and Safeguarding.

There is a lot to do but we do not run the school on a day-to-day basis – Alison Kerrell, the Headteacher, does that. We commit time, not only to attend committee meetings and training courses but also to read, review and prepare policies and other documents and be involved in discussions and decisions as they arise, as well as visiting the school.


Jane Tillotson (Co-opted Governor)

Vice-Chair of Governors

Clare Parker (LEA Governor)

Resources Chair

Andy Gosden

Curriculum Chair

Janet Dyson


Alison Kerrell

Staff Governor

Sue Aldred

Co-opted Governors

Christopher Barr

Marjorie Clough

Janet Dyson

Juliet Garmoyle

Andy Gosden

Julie Lowe

Susannah Mercer

Jane Tillotson

Christian Young

Sheree Reilly

Local Authority Governor

Clare Parker

Parent Governors

Sophie Clark

Danielle Bown

Associate Governor

Darren Hockley


Debbie Rogers

Previous Governing Body Members who have served in the past 12 months

Carol Andrews. Stepped down June 2019.

Ade Clark. Stepped Down June 2019


Governors Code of Conduct 2019-2020

Great Bardfield Primary Sealed Instrument of Government

Governor Details – Terms, Responsibilities & Business Interests

Meeting Attendance 2018-2019 -Great Bardfield Primary

Could I please encourage all parents to use the Ofsted ‘Parent View’ link to express your views on our school? Your feedback is essential for continued improvement. Every September the previous year’s comments are erased for the new academic year. So, if you have not used the service since September 2018, please take a minute to do so and give your valued feedback on our school, it is much appreciated .The more submissions the better and do note that BOTH parents can submit their views (from separate e-mail addresses). Thank you.

Meet the Governors

Jane Tillotson

jtResponsibilities: Chair, Science, Strategic Planning, Governor Handbook, Governor Calendar, HT Peformance Management Review.

Service started: April 2002

Service ends: June 2019

Message to Parents: Having previously been a parent governor, while my two children went through the School, I am now a co-opted governor. I live in Great Bardfield and truly believe we are very privileged to have a school, at the heart of our community, offering a good education. The school likewise ensures that every child is encouraged to develop in to a respectful, responsible and resourceful individual.

My wish is to encourage all our parents and carers to focus on how much their children can gain from providing the school with their support, a positive attitude and mutual respect.

Clare Parker

cpResponsibilities: Vice-Chair, Computing, DEEP, Link /(training), Website Compliance

Service started: June 2008

Service ends: April 2020

Job: I’m a full time working mother in sales for Lightning Packaging Supplies Ltd

Message to Parents: I have been Governor for Great Bardfield School since 2008, initially as a parent Governor; I am now the Local Authority Governor.  I have been the Vice Chair since 2012.

I am passionate that we offer our children the best in education and all round personal development to enable our children to make the next steps into higher education with confidence and aspiration.

Sophie Clark

Responsibilities: English, Pegasus Class

Service started: November 2016

Service ends: November 2020

Nature of interest: Child attending school

Job: Account Executive

Message to Parents: After seeing the hard work that Great
Bardfield Primary School puts into our children’s education and overall well-being I felt inspired to try and help in any way I could, which is why I signed up to help the governing body. After a career of Corporate Governance in London I retrained as an early years Montessori Teacher, which helped me understand how children develop and learn.

I am very proud to be part of the Great Bardfield School team that works towards all of our children emerging at the end of the day smiling and with lots to tell us!

Juliet Garmoyle

Responsibilities:  Leprechaun Class

Service started:  19/09/18

Service ends: 19/09/22

Message to Parents: I have been a teacher for over 20 years, and a Senco for 15 years and live in Little Bardfield.  Great Bardfield Primary School is a vibrant and happy school, and I feel lucky to be able to share some of my expertise and experience within such a flourishing environment.  I am committed to the ethos that every child matters, and very much look forward to working with the Governing Body to ensure that every child achieves their potential, academically, socially and emotionally.

Alison Kerrell


Responsibilities: Headteacher, Class Teacher, Chair of Data

Service started: September 2014

Nature of interest: Employed by school

Job: Headteacher

Message to Parents: My role as part of the Governing Body is to meet with the Safeguarding Governor to discuss any safeguarding concerns, report into all of the different committees that link into the Full Governing Body and welcome all Governors into the school as a supportive and critical friend. I believe that the collaborative partnership between the Headteacher and the Governing Body is intrinsic to moving the school forwards to provide the best care and opportunities for the children in our care.

Together we will help your child to reach their full potential regardless of their background or ability.

Sue Aldred

saResponsibilities: Deputy Headteacher, Class Teacher, Safeguarding.

Associate member

Nature of interest: Employed by school

Job: Deputy Headteacher, English coordinator, Computing coordinator, Target Tracker administrator

Message to Parents: I joined the school in 2005 and have held several roles within the school.    I became Acting Deputy Head and was appointed to the position in March.

I have attended governing body meetings for several years and believe that it plays a vital role, through support and challenge, ensuring the best outcomes for our children. The governing body helps to cement our links within the community and put our school at the heart of the village.

Julie Lowe

Responsibilities:  Inclusion, Special Educational Needs, Pupil Premium

Service started: April 2001

Service ends: June 2019

Job:  Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy

Message to Parents: My involvement with Great Bardfield Primary School began many years ago when all four of my children had a wonderful primary education here. I became a parent governor when my youngest child was in the school, and have for many years been the governor with responsibility for monitoring the school’s special educational needs provision.

Over the years I have seen the school manage many structural and procedural changes and challenges without ever losing sight of the core responsibility to educate our children in the fullest sense: to be thoughtful, enquiring, responsible and caring.

We are very lucky to have a new dynamic head teacher who has already demonstrated an extraordinary level of commitment to maintaining this caring perspective alongside an explicit determination to work with her staff to raise standards of attainment across the school.

Janet Dyson

jdResponsibilities: Chair of Curriculum, Equality and Diversity/Race Equality, HT Performance Management Review

Service started: June 2015

Service ends: June 2019

Message to Parents: I have been connected with the school for 40 years as a teacher, parent of three children and as a governor. I enjoy being a governor and believe that we have a major role in ensuring that the school provides the best education for our children. I have a particular interest in links with the community and feel that we are fortunate to have such a successful primary school at the heart of this lively village.

Marjorie Clough

mcResponsibilities: Numeracy and Phoenix Class

Service started: May 2011

Service ends: June 2019

Message to Parents:

My four grand children attended Great Bardfield School so I have taken a great interest in the school over fourteen years,  serving as a governor since 2011.  Being a governor is a commitment taking up time but is very worthwhile.

Ade Clarke

acResponsibilities: Chair of Finance

Service started: October 2014

Service ends: June 2019

Job: National Trust General Manager

Message to Parents: I was a parent governor for Great Bardfield Primary School when my son attended. He has now finished at HRS, but I was delighted to have the opportunity to return to the role of Finance Governor with such an inspirational team of people. The governors, teachers, parents and staff all working to ensure each individual child reaches or exceeds their potential.

Carol Andrews

caResponsibilities: None

Service started: June 2015

Service ends: June 2019

Nature of interest: Employed by school

Job: LSA

Message to Parents: I have worked at Great Bardfield School since 2004. I first started as a Midday Assistant and now I am a LSA in Pegasus class. Just one smile from a child I have been able to support makes my day.

Andy Gosden

Responsibilities: Chair of the Resources, Safeguarding Lead, HT Performance Management Review, Unicorn Class.

Service started: September 2016

Service ends: September 2020

Message to Parents: My name is Andy Gosden and I joined the board of Governors in September 2016, I have specific responsibility for safeguarding and I am the Unicorns Class Link. I spent my early career in recruitment but for some years now I have worked in Human Resources within the pharmaceutical industry.

Being a realtively new governor, I have been very impressed with all that I have seen and I am very much looking forward to working further with Mrs Kerrell and the governors to help the school achieve all that it can.

Susannah Mercer

Responsibilities:  Dragon Class

Service started: 19/09/18

Service ends: 19/09/22

Message to Parents:

I am very pleased to have recently become a co-opted governor for Great Bardfield Primay School.  My three sons attended the school between 2002 and 2010 and I believe we are very lucky to have such great primary education at the centre of our community.  I look forward to helping to ensure that all the children at the school reach their full potential with a happy and nurturing environment.