School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan

 At Great Bardfield Primary School we are always striving to improve in everything that we do. We have particular targets for the forthcoming year for improving our school.

Teaching and Learning

We aim to develop the quality of teaching in lessons from a good standard to an excellent standard. We plan to do this by joining with other schools in our Cluster Group to share best practice. Teachers are also being given the opportunity to take part in moderation of work so that we can ‘magpie’ ideas from other schools. We will endeavour to send each teacher on at least one course this year to improve their continuous professional development.

The New Curriculum for Mastery is something that we have embraced as a school. We are finding ways for pupils to extend and deepen their learning in all areas, especially English, Maths and Science. We are encouraging children to take an independent and active role in their learning through giving more opportunities for children to take part in practical activities and through interactive electronic learning. We have recently adopted a Virtual Learning Platform DB Primary and My Maths so that the children can improve and develop their Maths Skills. We are in the process of launching our next interactive learning tool-Phonics Bug and Bug Club to help children develop a deeper love of learning.

We are improving the quality of our marking and feedback as this has the greatest impact on helping children to make progress. We actively mark in lessons giving children direct verbal feedback so that they now what their next steps are to make immediate improvements. We encourage children to have a reflective EVEN BETTER IF … approach to their learning so that they are aiming to reach their full potential.


To improve children’s independent learning opportunities we will be investing in some new ICT equipment including I-Pads in the summer term.

We will be refurbishing the swimming pool ready for the summer lessons. Also we will be giving the outside décor of the building a spruce up as it is beginning to look quite tired.