Rowntree Class Year 4/5

Welcome to Rowntree Class Class Yr4/5

Our Class Teacher is Mr Singh

All About Rowntree Class

Our class is named after the Great Bardfield artist, Kenneth Rowntree. He resided in the Town House in the village from 1941 to 1943 where he spent most of his time working as a war artist during the Second World War. He had a keen interest in painting landscapes. This term we have thoroughly enjoyed replicating a few of his famous landscape paintings.


We have a fantastic classroom with plenty of work space. We believe that mindfulness plays a key role in school life and at the end of every week we take part in Mindfulness Friday where we reflect on what has gone well throughout the week. We take being reflective seriously and it shows in our excellent behaviour and learning in Rowntree Class. 

Have a look at our learning  this term:

Rowntree Class Autumn Term Curriculum Leaflet 2023-24

Rowntree Class Spring Term Curriculum Leaflet 2023-24